GNGF January 2013 Newsletter

GNGF January 2013 Newsletter


Another year behind us, and the GNGF team is looking forward to 2013. In the spirit of making New Year’s resolutions, we’ve made a list of SEO resolutions that we follow and recommend you add to your must-do list for the new year. (We plan on keeping these SEO resolutions. Whether or not we keep our resolutions to drink fewer caffeinated beverages and eat fewer Busken cookies is up in air—we’ll keep you posted on that.)

GNGF SEO 2013 Resolutions

1. Check your website. Does it match your professional offline reputation?

2. Look at your Google Analytics. Where is your traffic coming from, and where should it be coming from?

3. Google yourself and browse the first couple of pages. Is anything inconsistent with your reputation popping up?

4. Is your firm name, address, and phone number data consistent across online business listing websites (especially important if you moved offices in 2012)?

5. Examine your review strategy. Is your strategy getting you the reviews you need?

6. Check your website content, keywords, etc. Are you sending the right signals to Google?

7. Look at your website and mobile site. Have you made it easy for people to contact you? (Better question: do you even have a mobile site?)

We’ll be posting a series on how to keep these New Year’s SEO resolutions on our blog, so check back!


Change in logo and branding:Old GNGF Logo

o We do practice our own advice. Since GNGF’s inception, we’ve updated our branding to reflect the reputation we present online.

Getting clients live faster:

o Clark & Lord, Attorneys at Law still holds the record for fastest time to a live website, at one month. We plan to break that record!

Distance between clients

Distance between clients, in 2011 and now:

o 2011: Atlanta, GA and Marin County, CA

• 2,501 miles, 37 hours

• 5,875 miles, 157 hourso 2012: Manchester, NH and Kailua, HI

GNGF Book Online Law Practice Strategies

Change in office space:

o GNGF has grown from a tiny seedling to a thriving business. In that time, we’ve had several offices. For our next move, we’re looking at an awesome space in Cincinnati near the famously good Findlay Market. (Lunch, anyone?)

Rank of our book, then and now:

o 2011: 15th overall in Amazon’s Law Office Marketing category

o 2012: 1st in Amazon’s Law Office Marketing category!


The Fate of the Last Cookie

It’s day 5. All of my friends are gone. We were so excited when we were picked up from Busken Bakery and brought to the break room. My friends and I were quickly descended upon, plucked out of the box and eaten. Now, I’m all that’s left. No one seems to want to eat me. My only purpose in life—to be eaten—unfulfilled. I see longing glances come my way each time someone passes by, but it seems as though no one wants to eat the last office cookie out of politeness. Meanwhile, I go stale—the worst fate for a cookie.

The Fate of the last Busken Cookie at GNGF

 Our Superhero of Search Engine Optimization

Jabez LeBretSpeaker, author, motivator, tech guru, and quipster. These are the many facets of Jabez LeBret.

GNGF Superhero

As GNGF’s Chief Innovation Officer, Jabez LeBret is the perfect guy to keep the team up on the ever-evolving world of technology. He uses his social media and SEO superpowers for good, presenting the newest information at technology and ethics CLEs as well as writing for both the GNGF blog and media outlets like NBC and several legal journals. On his days off, when not being an SEO superhero, Jabez enjoys… Wait, Jabez doesn’t have any days off.


# According to the Search Engine Journal, “Companies that blog have 434% more indexed pages. And companies with more indexed pages get far more leads.”

# Google Maps rolls out a Maps app for Apple iOS 6, earning 10 million downloads. The app also seems to have caused a 30% increase in the number of people upgrading to iOS 6—those who waited to upgrade until Google Maps was available.

# Google updates their Review Content Policy to explicitly discourage both offering money or products for reviews and setting up a review station in your business.


1/18 Jabez LeBret speaks at Colorado State Bar

1/20 Chris Casseday’s Birthday

1/24 Jabez LeBret speaks at Virginia Beach Bar CLE

1/25 Jabez LeBret speaks at Winter Bench Bar, Washington County PA

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