GNGF March 2013 Newsletter

GNGF March 2013 Newsletter

Moving Office Location Affects Local Search Ranking

GNGF March Newsletter 2013-03GNGF moved into a new office just this past month, and we are more than a little excited about it! (You might notice the moving theme throughout this newsletter.) After we unpacked our boxes and dusted off our furniture-building skills, the GNGF team got to work updating all of our local search signals online. Like us, your firm might have recently moved or is considering a move. What you need to know is that when you move your office, your firm’s directory listings that exist online will remain outdated and incorrect, even becoming picked up and spread to other websites. You must (we cannot stress this enough) update your website, your Google+ Local page, and your listings with your new address. If you do not do this (or you only fix your website or your Google listing), Google’s search algorithm will become confused by the inconsistent listings pointing to two different locations and will drop you in the rankings—thereby preventing potential clients from finding your website. (Not to mention, you don’t want potential clients finding the wrong address for your firm.) Make sure that your website is updated with the correct address and Rich Snippet language after you move. To find incorrect listings, search for your old address on Google in quotation marks, and edit any outdated listings that come up in the results. (You can also find incorrect listings using tools from GetListed, BrightLocal, or WhiteSpark, but we recommend doing a search first.) Your move doesn’t have to undo all the work you’ve done to rank locally: just update your listings! Read our extended post at the GNGF Blog!

Read our extended post at the GNGF Blog!

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GNGF SUCCESS: Heiting & Irwin Attorneys at Law

GNGF March Newsletter 2013-04You can imagine our over-the-top excited reaction when we observed that our newest success story—Riverside, California personal injury law firm Heiting & Irwin Attorneys at Law—received no fewer than 10 appointment requests from their website in the month and a half after the new, custom, optimized website that we created for the firm went live. The first appointment request came in just one day after the website went up, and requests have continued at a steady pace since then. We are thrilled that Heiting & Irwin is already seeing great conversion results from their updated and improved website and online presence (though we feel that we might have to apologize to the firm’s staff, who are presumably running around with their hair on fire, fielding all of the requests for consultations).


Congratulations, from everyone at GNGF!


The 500 Hats of Mark Homer and Jabez LeBret

SEO and online law firm marketing experts, speakers, authors, entrepreneurs … construction workers. Mark and Jabez wear many hats. For our move, Mark and Jabez donned their hard hats and tool belts to skillfully design and build several huddle/meeting rooms for the new office. (Though by “skillfully,” we mean no one lost an appendage or went to the emergency room because of a nail gun accident. We don’t recommend that you hire them to build your house.)



Have you met the new office? We think you’d like it as much as we do. In a word, it’s awesome. We’re loving the trips to IKEA to find new rugs, furniture, and decorations to make the new space our own. (Even if we don’t much like the furniture-building marathon that happens afterward.) Most importantly, the new office doesn’t have the monstrously hideous green carpet of the old office. What’s not to like?

Our New Address:

1776 Mentor Avenue

Suite 179

Cincinnati, OH 45212

GNGF March Newsletter 2013-05


# Based on the continued growth of mobile users and the expectation that Google will receive more search queries from mobile than desktop devices this year, Google announces Adwords Enhanced campaigns. The goal is to make it easier to target and bid for different devices and locations so that the 70%+ of small to medium business Adwords advertisers can more easily get a share of mobile traffic.

# Google is implementing a new, easier procedure for businesses that have moved and need to update their verified Google+ Local page. The new method lets you edit the address in your Places or Google+ dashboard and re-verify, replacing the previous method that required you to create a new listing entirely, verify it, and close the old one. (Business owners should still keep an eye on their listing after the edit to close the old listing if a new listing is created as a result.)


March 2013 Calendar

3/6 Jabez LeBret at Chester County Bar Association

3/14 National Pi Day

3/16 Kelly’s Birthday

3/17 St. Patrick’s Day

3/21 March Madness Starts

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