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GNGF Snow Day

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Nothing says Monday morning like a fresh pot of coffee, an elongated to-do list, and in the case of this morning, SNOW! How did we celebrate Cincinnati’s first snowfall? By engaging in a lunch break snowball fight of course!

From all of us at GNGF, have a happy, warm, and safe snow day!


Photo Credit: Kathryn Tilmes and Andy Lunsford

Protecting Referrals with a Strong Online Presence

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Untitled ReportAre you losing referrals you didn’t know you had?

Over the past few years there has been a plethora of data and statistics describing how consumers utilize online search, review websites, social media, and mobile devices to look for local businesses. While we believe all of this data is correct in the direction things are heading, we also noticed that a lot of our analytics data still shows people visiting our clients’ websites from Google search are using a ‘branded keyword’ search, that is, typing in the firm name or the name of an attorney at the firm. While we feel that encouraging referrals is a strong part of the marketing mix for a profession like legal, we wondered how that was fairing in the age of mobile and online search and how the data that is being reported for general local business surveys compared to the legal industry. [Read more…]

November Trends

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November Trends# Social media is increasingly influencing buyer decisions. Consumers are checking businesses’ social media profiles to determine who is involved and who is experienced. This bodes well for law firms who are socially active, so keep thinking about your social media plan!

# iPhone’s Siri is becoming the digital personal assistant that recommends local businesses to consumers — and consumers are listening. Siri, and other personal assistants, pull from the top search results in your area. Keep this in mind when analyzing your SERP rankings.

# Google still dominates the world of search, but Bing and Apple have joined forces in ways that may change the playing field. Apple, Inc. dropped Google and added Bing as the search engine it uses for Spotlight on its latest operating system, Yosemite. Stay up to date with default search engine changes; those changes impact your business.

Photo Credit: romana klee via Compfight cc

GNGF Quirk: Ping Pong

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pingpongThe wheels at GNGF are constantly turning, but every now and then, we need a break. Thus, our newest addition to our Cincinnati office: the ping pong table. Every day, someone is challenged to a game. Pros and beginners alike, we all love putting our skills to the test and letting off some steam. Even on the most stressful of days, we can be easily convinced that a game of ping pong will help us get our work done. And amazingly enough…it does! Thanks to the ping pong table, the GNGF crew is now more productive than ever.