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Office Decorating: GNGF Winter Wonderland

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Holiday spirit is in full swing here at GNGF. Check out one pod’s Winter Wonderland workspace! Be sure to follow us on social media to see how other pods deck the office!

Ethics: Practicing in Multiple States Means Double the Guidelines

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United StatesIt’s no mystery that ethics vary state-by-state. This doesn’t just apply to how you practice law, either. Online standards vary by state as well. State bar associations set restrictions on anything and everything—from the content in your disclaimer to the stock images you post with your blogs.

Abiding by rules and restrictions is nothing new when it comes to practicing law. And if you have offices in multiple states and list all of those offices, you must abide by both states’ online ethical guidelines. Having offices in multiple states can be advantageous for your practice, but you run into trouble when conflicting state restrictions limit the content on your website, therefore limiting possible business. [Read more…]

Quirk: GNGF Gives Back

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GNGF Gives Back | Law Firm Digital MarketingAt GNGF, we are thankful for many things: a warm office, wonderful coworkers, food on the table, and friendly competition. This giving season, we decided to give back to the community by participating in a canned food drive. To keep the competition alive and provide a challenge, we split up in to small teams that competed to bring in the most cans. Team cranberry sauce, team pumpkin pie, team green bean casserole, and team turkey were all in it to give it. Team turkey won, and a total of 406 cans were donated to the Freestore Foodbank. This month, GNGF is volunteering at St. Vincent de Paul’s Adopt-a-Family event and will distribute gifts to families in Cincinnati.

GNGF Wins Cincinnati’s Best Place to Work Award

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blue and red facesIt is with great pride to say that Get Noticed Get Found was named the Best Place to Work in the Micro-Company, First Time Participant category, by the Cincinnati Business Courier.

Imagine this: 58 of the Best Places to Work finalists in Xavier University’s Cintas Center, dressed to impress—but not like you might think. The entire event looked like a pep rally, complete with pom-poms, light-up signs, t-shirts, and capes. The companies came together to celebrate their Best Places to Work Finalist titles and to congratulate nine winners in the following categories: large, medium, and micro-sized companies; and first time, veteran, and already-titled participants.

The team’s competitive side really came out when we found out that there would be a Spirit Award based on company-wide pep and creativity. As a digital marketing agency that prides itself on cutting-edge tools, innovation, and creativity, we were up for the challenge. The Fun Committee stocked up the team with blue and red attire—think red and blue masks, confetti hair, pom-poms, noisemakers, Mardi Gras beads, and more. Our cutting-edge tools came in handy when the design team created large GNGF signs—including one of CEO Mark Homer’s head. [Read more…]