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February Marketing Trends

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tumblr forgot password# If you are still trying to remember all of your passwords, it is time you hand over the task to a password manager, like Dashlane or LastPass. All you have to remember is one master password for the whole thing—they do the rest. Perfect for the busy attorney.

# Facebook is moving into the workplace with its app, Facebook At Work. It was released last month and is being tested by a select few companies. A potential concern is that internal company conversations would not be safe, but Facebook insists that they will not gather data on corporate users. [Read more…]

5 Tips for Elevating Your Blog

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hands typing on keyboardYou have a blog. So does almost everyone else. Blogs have almost become a mandatory thing for the online lawyer, and as with most things mandatory, they lose their oomph. If this is you, it’s time you turn that around. Here are five tips for taking your blog to the next level.

1. Quality over quantity.
Your blog should hold relevant and current information. No legal jargon. Take your time to craft something worth reading.

2. Frontload.
Assume your readers will not read to the end. No matter how riveting you make it, your readers are busy and they have “better things” to be doing (like perusing their Facebook feed). It’s better to frontload your post with the most important information rather than run the risk of your readers getting frustrated and leaving your site. [Read more…]

Why We Should Take the Cybersecurity Debate Seriously

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lock and chain link fenceWhen it comes to data security, this year has been a wake up call to say the least.

From the high-profile Sony Pictures scandal to the Target credit card information breach, it seems as if no one—not even a big corporate giant—is safe from the dangers of online hackers and predators. No longer do criminals need to search through your garbage can for receipts and documents to encroach on your personal information. Identity theft, credit card fraud, and other cyber crimes can happen with quick calculated strokes of a few computer keys.

If the Sony and Target attacks didn’t ring enough warning alarms, President Barack Obama’s recent State of the Union speech certainly did. [Read more…]

GNGF Is Awarded HCDC Business of the Year

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HCDC Award with red backgroundIt’s no secret that GNGF has had a lot of success and growth over the past year. While this success did not come easy, we have been lucky enough to do it with a lot of help from the Hamilton County Development Company, or HCDC. HCDC is a company that supplies aid and assistance to local entrepreneurs and start-up companies through business incubation, business lending, and economic development services.

The building in which GNGF currently resides is part of HCDC’s business incubator. Our building is full of different local start-ups, all a part of HCDC in hopes of economic growth. HCDC provides business coaching, connection building, and informative programming, with the main goal of growing and graduating their companies from the program, allowing space for more new start-ups. [Read more…]