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Share Your #WorstInterview

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Here at GNGF, we are getting ready to interview some #awesome potential hires. Believe us—we know how uncomfortable interviews can be; we have all been on the other side a time or two. If you are preparing for an interrogation—err, interview—we can almost assure you it will not be this bad. Watch and chuckle, and then walk through that door with a skip in your step. You got this.

We want to hear your #WorstInterview. Share your stories with us on Twitter @GNGFound.

Three Ways to Learn about Law Firm Marketing

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Three kids learning about legal marketing

Almost on a daily basis, lawyers are asking us here at GNGF how they can learn more about growing their practice. There are three areas you should be focusing on with regards to your business development: reading the right material, connecting with other law firms that are marketing well, and attending the right conferences.

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March Marketing Trends

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trends# Twitter will soon allow its users to pay for a coveted and verified blue check mark next to their name. While the blue check is currently only for people in the public eye, we will soon be able to buy the checkmark for company accounts. This would mean that when Twitter users are looking for your law firm, they would not have any doubts.

# According to our data, having video is one of the best things you can do for your website. Your firm could be taking video marketing to a whole new level with a Snapchat series. Who needs The Good Wife when you can watch a legal drama in 100 seconds?

# Do you have multiple different practice areas? Facebook recently announced their new Product Ads that will allow companies to promote several products or services at a time. You won’t have to do a thing; Facebook will automatically advertise the relevant service to your target audience.

Welcome Ha and Victor

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GNGF has expanded once again. This spring, we welcomed two awesome interns to our SEO team. Victor is a UC sophomore marketing major who considers himself to be a huge sports fan. When he’s not working on ways to help make GNGF’s clients’ websites as great as possible, he’s listening to his favorite Mac Miller music or watching the latest award show. Ha, our other intern has traveled halfway across the globe to join our team. The current University of Cincinnati marketing and business economics major is from Vietnam. Ha speaks four languages: English, Japanese, Vietnamese, and French (five if you include Indian rap.) When she’s not at work, she’s creating a website for Vietnamese students that will allow them to study and work more effectively.