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Stop Losing Leads after Hours. Get Live Chat at a Discounted Price.

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hands typing on a laptopAs our society becomes more comfortable with technology, we expect answers to be at our fingertips, and consumers, as a whole, are becoming more impatient. It is also a fact that the faster you respond to a lead the more likely that lead is to convert to a client (seven times more likely according to the Harvard Business Review article, “The Short Life of Online Sales Leads”).

Even if your phone number is easily viewed, many prospects may not be able to call you immediately; they may prefer to contact you in a more private manner, via a web form or easily accessible email address. However, keeping in mind your prospect’s expectations, an email or web form may not provide the quick response that he or she expects. This is why we started recommending Live Chat features for some clients: it combines the instantaneous response of a phone call with the privacy of written communication. Live Chat has been around for a bit, but we hadn’t done a proper study across multiple clients to say if it should be a requirement or not for a law firm website. [Read more…]

Revolutionizing Continuing Legal Education Courses

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GNGF elearning on ipad

We all know in-person presentations have lots of advantages, but what if there was a different way to provide CLE-accredited courses for lawyers?

There needs to be a supplementary way to educate lawyers on crucial information that directly impacts their clients, besides asking them to spend four hours locked in a room.

Stanford computer science Professor Daphne Koller has found huge success with offering course work online. It is time that the legal community did the same while taking a step beyond just video replays.

At GNGF we have witnessed that there is too much information regarding social media and technology competence that is simply not getting to lawyers quick enough. The following scenarios are happening too often: [Read more…]

Data Security: What Is Your Ethical Responsibility?

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The ABA provided important feedback about what your responsibility is for maintaining data security. It should be noted that, outside of the recommendations for how to approach data security, a lawyer should be asking him or herself a few simple questions:

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#Trends: Tweets Will Start Showing Up in Google Search Results

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Google Indexing Tweets

Twitter and Google have rekindled their relationship that ended in 2011, and they now allow tweets to be indexed in real time. This new partnership will allow Google to index tweets immediately as they are posted. This will provide users the opportunity to discover tweets around a specific topic using search engines. Users can expect tweets to start slowly showing up in their search engine results.

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